Wednesday, February 12, 2014



Professionally: I just got two new lenses and a couple external flashes (yay) the latter of which requires some learning. My first wedding of the season is March first which only gets closer and closer. Why does this month have to be so short!?

 I also need to study up on how to use my strobe lights before I can open my studio. Almost a year ago, I bought a Wacom tablet that I still have not mastered, even slightly. Getting tired of feeling like Chandler when he played Miss Pacman after editing a shoot.

Parentingly: Trying to get Viggo to nap independently so I can accomplish things, it's harder then I thought. I mean, look at that face!

He also wakes up at every tiny sound, even with the white noise machine running. Sometimes it's just better to hold him so he actually sleeps. Because when he is cranky he doesn't want to do anything but be held, at twenty pounds that gets old fast. Speaking of cranky, it's been in high gear lately. He wants to crawl so bad! Also producing waterfalls of drool, maybe working on more teeth. All while going through a leap which is about over so hopefully that will help things.

Juggling those two things keeps me pretty busy. There are not enough hours in the day!

Here's what Melissa, Barb and Liz are currently up to:
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Fresh Coat

I recently decided, due to my financial state and loneliness, to move into a new house with a roomate. I've been slowly moving stuff over there from my house. A whole four blocks maybe. Before I moved any of my bedroom over I wanted to get my room painted so nothing would be in the way. I went for gray. After I narrowed it down to two shades I liked I got samples and painted them on the wall. One light, one dark. I then realized if I just did the whole thing in the lighter gray I'd have to cover the darker sample which I'm guessing wouldn't have been the easiest thing to do. So I painted that one wall dark and the other three light. I like how it turned out. Got some paint on the ceiling in places and managed to spill a puddle of it on the uncoved floor. Cleaned that up right away and figured nobody is going to make a point to stare at my ceiling so it all worked out.
decided not to cut in around covers
light on the left, dark on the right
one side
from doorway

special attention to the lovely light fixture

Monday, March 5, 2012

Don't worry, it's trail rated.

Probably the only good thing about snow melting into springtime is the mud. But only from an aesthetic standing, otherwise it's quite inconvenient. I went on a photographic adventure this afternoon and I really wish I woulda worn my boots and a pair of jeans I hadn't just washed. Getting pretty good at switching lenses on the fly. Saw a bunch of geese. When I was turning around to head back I caught a glimpse of a horse running out of my peripheral vison. Turned to look and it wasn't a horse at all but a rather large buck. I didn't get any good shots of him, only one where you can sorta tell his size. One of those times I wish I wasn't shooting with my camera. I got stuck in the mud a couple times, fell into a snow drift, and almost took a short swim, but I'd say it was a pretty successfull trip. 

All the little black dots and specks are waterfowl.

Some cows.
This is where I almost took a dip.

I didn't mean to take this, but turned out pretty neat.

This is how muddy it was.

Best picture I have that show's the buck's rack.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Just a couple things..

Proud to announce Rorbeck Photography's facebook page has pictures on it.
Also made and listed three pendants on Dejigle.

..and I miss Mason.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Idle Hands are the Devil's Playthings.

Oh boy has it been a depressingly boring what seems like several months but in reality only one and a half! Unemployment certainly is not meant for me, really miss having a job. Mostly for the comforting income it's stressful not being able to pay rent and bills (thanks mom and dad). It is also very boring. I finally can't take it anymore, I like to sleep, more then most people, but even that is getting really old. My solution to to immerse myself in projects, no excuses not to finish them. There is about twenty days until my next semester starts and I really want to be more organized this time around, both physically and digitally. Still working on transfering all my files from my laptop to the new behemoth with a few issues. I'd like to organize them as I go but that may not happen since I really need to get the thing sold since it's value isn't getting any higher despite being a fabulous Mac.
As for physical organization I have started by re-aranging my "work space". I have since began working on Mason's painting so the organization has taken a back-seat. Here is my work in progress. Mess haters may find the images hard to look at.

Moved the desk from the niche, such an odd space will probably become home to the kitchen chairs.
Also doing laundry, why not?

The livingroom is now home to my snorknose painting, this room just needs things to be put away.
More laundry.

Business on one side and crafty on the other, also plastic shelves that are half orgainized. Need to set up my sewing machine as I have lots of projects just in that category I'd like to do. Including Grandma Jackie's quilt :)

All in all I'd say it's definately a work in progress but it is getting there, just need to keep at it.